The Pheromoans

The Pheromoans have been banging it out in the UK DIY scene for years but it seems that its all been leading to this, their most fully formed and turbulent record yet. Does This Guy Stack Up? brings the band's post-punk leanings into sharper focus and distills some of the rambling tracks and mumbling innuendos that preceded this record down to their melodic and shambolic cores. Its the child of a dozen bands before them, from The Fall's erratic snap and brutal honesty to Young Marble Giants and The Homosexuals sparse delivery but they seem to pack them all down to a swirling pot that keeps those each of those touchstones moving on and off the tip of the tongue. The band is at the best when the self-critical light is turned on singer Russell Walker who's self-deprecation and nebbish humor come off as a perfect compliment to the constrained chaos and milieu of homage going on in the music behind him.


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