Sensations' Fix - Music Is Painting In The Air
RVNG, Intl. have put together a monster retrospective of restored and remastered tracks from the Sensations' Fix catalog, spanning more than six proper albums and years worth of material
the compilation is quite the undertaking. Falsini was a pioneer of home recording and much of the Sensations' catalog was recorded by himself, as was this collection which Falsini has overseen and remixed over the last year. The collection is sprawling but not daunting. Taking a non-linear, non-sequential approach to the setup, the songs switch from year to year but are held together by a constant feeling of adventurous that wafts from space blues to Krautrock and into Kosmiche drift. After bouncing from Italy to Virginia, back to Italy and from California to New York over the course of Sensation's Fix's career Falsini picked up influences that seemed to meld all of the influences the progressive psych canon had to offer and it makes for an collection for lovers of the form. In the intervening years Falsini hasn't rested on Sensations’' cult rep, instead founding electro-pop swingers The Antennas before returning to Florence to launch the Interactive Test label, focusing on emerging dance music. Heavy packaging and a great sound here, as is to be expected from the archival eye of RVNG.


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