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It seemed only natural that Pye Corner Audio should cross paths with Ghost Box sooner or later and with his second release of the year he does just that. Sleep Games continues PCA's dark soundtracking sensibilities and tumbles into a labryntine chaos of Tron grids and Haruki Murakami noir mysteries. Martin Jenkins has a real talent for taking synth epics into territory that feels haunted both physically by threats and mentally by turbulence. It’s also permeated with a creeping brand of house beat, but rather than inspire dance the pulse seems to pound like a heartbeat in the back of the throat. It’s got a feel for dark corners and a love of Italian horror soundscapes to match, taking tropes of German progressive psych down a hatch and into the hauntology k-hole. Past tapes have found Jenkins' work less thematic but Sleep Games seems tied together like with a cohesiveness that begs for the story behind the nightmarish keys. Guess we'll have to make that one up for ourselves though.


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