Moon Duo

Moon Duo swung through NY on Friday and proved once again how they're one of the best live shakers around. Screw your million dollar DJ plans, this is dark-cloaked rave for the apocalyptic embrace. Their new album, Circles is anchored by a consistent throb of palpitated heartbeats coated in guitar fuzz and the right mix of organ swell and shimmer. Their move to rural Colorado may have lent a naturalistic vibe to the lyrics but the music's no shut-in loner vibes on this one, instead it ends up the pair's most accessible group of tunes yet. With help from Phil Manley, who kicked the Shjips sound out of the basement as well, the record is a crisp exploration of fried psych with enough movement to get the most stalwart psych fan moving a foot or two. The veil of smoke is lifted a few times to let Ripley's vocal's peek through, and more often to let a jagged cut of guitar blast tear into your ears but its still 100% Moon Duo which means a whole lot of carburetor choked, bone rattling psych. I don't think they'd have it any other way and neither would we.

[MP3] Moon Duo - Sleepwalker

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