Loop - The World In Your Eyes
In addition to the seminal Heaven's End Reactor is reissuing the rest of the Loop catalog, notably the singles and b-sides compilation The World in Your Eyes. Culling together everything from their first single, "16 Dreams" to great covers of Nick
Drake and Neil Young, the compilation is a historic overview of some of the band's key singles. For a band that's already pushing the envelope on length, there are extended versions of songs like "Burning World" but the band is at their best when they push the compact thump and buzzsaw grind of their material fast and hard. Along with A Gilded Eternity and Fade Out if you're only just now getting a handle on Loop its the time to really dive in.

[MP3] Loop - 16 Dreams

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Blogger Yair Yona said...

Loop was an incredible band. Their three albums are masterpieces imho.

Hampton's band post Loop, Main, was incredible as well (try Dry Stone Feed)

1:50 AM  
Blogger Yair Yona said...

and i completely forgot about the mixtape I once made, of Loop's music:

1. Vapour (From A Gilded Eternity)
2. From Center To Wave (From A Gilded Eternity)
3. Pulse (From Fade Out)
4. Pink Moon (From The World In Your Eyes)
5. Fade Out (From Fade Out)
6. Fix To Fall (From Heaven's End)
7. Straight To Your Heart (From Heaven's End)
8. Shot With A Diamond (From A Gilded Eternity)
9. The Nail Will Burn (From A Gilded Eternity)
10. Head On (From Heaven's End)
11. Afterglow (From A Gilded Eternity)
12. Cinnamon Girl (From The World In Your Eyes)

2:05 AM  

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