King Tuff - Screaming Skull 7"
Oh 2012, so much King Tuff to give, eh? After one of his best singles yet ("Wild Desire") and an album to match, the power pop strutter kicks out another two shot of solid pop confection in the form of "Screaming Skull". The a-side, like "Wild Desire"
is an upbeat corker, this time with a rapid flutter of drumbeats pushing it like a turbine and plenty of Tuff charm in its lovesick/cathartic lyrics. Its the kind of untethered rock that's criminally left to be discovered on blogs rather than blasted from every radio in the country but ah well, more KT for us I suppose. The flip thickens things up with a meaty riff and epic swagger meant for the biggest speakers you own. Kick the two of these up and just repeat them until the needle wears down.


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