On his sophomore release, Axel Backman steps up the midnight tape reverberations and smeared neon negotiations that have marked his style. The album takes murky synth work and garbles, warbles and in some cases makes hot button jump cuts through territories that fall nicely in line with the hallucinatory, hypnogogic mindset. Tape faded vocals play through static, giving way to keys on the edges of the new age drift before getting caught in the VCR once again in a melted mash flashback through technology and time. There's a nice tension that bubbles up under some of the tracks recalling 80's soundtrack work and Backman ups the stakes with submerged snippets of dialog that strain just beyond the ear's reach; begging questions as to whether deciphering them would lead to answers or only further confusion. It’s a great step forward for the artist and quickly become a late night go to around here.

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