Warm Soda - Reaction 7"
It should be no secret that we're a bit smitten with Bare Wires around here. Melton and co.'s last offering was a perfect combination of power pop's deep blue eyes and punk's candy bar crunch. So it was with a heavy heart that we bore the
news that Bare Wires had burnt out after a bummer run through SXSW. But have no fear Mouskateers because Matthew Melton is never one to rest and out of the ashes of the Wires comes a new band with the name: Warm Soda. Their first offering on the venerable Southpaw imprint has more than a few overtones of The Quick and Milk n' Cookies and that's about the best news that could hit RSTB as those are two band crushes we have a hard time letting go of and its great to see someone picking up the soft punk punch and running with it. It’s a damn fine single and of course hopes for an album in the same vein (or a dozen or so more singles as fun as this) abound. Keep your eyes out for Warm Soda because we've got a sneaking suspicion you'll regret it if you don't.


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