Punks on Mars

Punks on Mars caught our ears with their 7" from last year on Zoo Music, a warbled, pop-tarted affair that brought to mind The Twinkeyz with the fun factor kicked up a notch or two. Back with a full length for the label, it seems that the band's been crushing those Yellow Pills of yore and mainlining 'em wholesale as Bad Expectations is the most on point bit of power pop snap heard 'round here all year (and in a year of power pop exploits that's sayin' something). Bubblegum froth from start to finish but done with such a dedication to the past that its hard to not envision the band hard wired to their turntables all day flipping single after single to get the moves down just right. It feels as if there's a wave of sweet 80's Teenarama (with a capital T as in The Records' jam) crashing through 2012 and Punks on Mars are riding the crest clearly out front. The early single perked interest but was a rough shot fidelity wise. Crisped clean and neon filtered the album proves every bit the pop protagonists that the Punks were meant to be. So good it should be illegal.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


andrea schiavelli (andrea schiavelli and the eyes of love) wrote the title song of this album, bad expectations, and its first release, showers of pain! watch him play bass in this first and only video of "the" band called pom! neither he, nor chuck guitarist in the picture you posted) or naideau of nude beach,(who all toured in pom's first east coast tour opening for the dum dum girls and all recorded this new lp together with ryan and vernonica) are they receiving any credit or monies for this album?

10:13 PM  
Blogger dissensous said...

It would seem that credit is being made for Schiavelli's involvement. Mentions are made here on their press site and in circulating information.

11:55 PM  

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