Loop - Heaven's End
With the imminent release of Moon Duo's next album on the horizon and an excellent new Wooden Shjips album in the rearview last year, it’s fitting that Loop's long overlooked debut should be reissued. The bands’ Ripley Johnson has cited
Loop as an influence on both the Duo and more directly Wooden Shjips. Their smokescreened shoegaze is a perfect match for lovers of Spacemen 3, Suicide (who they cover on this album) or any others from the era that count themselves heavily indebted to the rhythmic notions of Krautrock, deep fried in a garage feedback crust. The band rose up out of the London underground in '86 with the single "16 Dreams", establishing themselves as a heavy force before unleashing this debut in 1987. By 1990 they'd release two more albums that wouldn't quite live up to the acclaim of this debut before calling it quits and splitting into the bands The Hair & Skin Trading Company and Main. The two later projects would split their love of rhythm and atmosphere respectively with Main going on to work heavily in the ambient headspace to much acclaim. Now, Reactor has repressed this classic back to vinyl with a new cover and remastered for 2012 and its a pretty essential piece of any spacerock collection.

[MP3] Loop - Straight To Your Heart

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