Whoa, where did this toasted nugget of an album come from? Believe the internet and the popular proliferation of information at hand and Goat is a 40 year old voodoo collective from a tiny cursed Swedish village that's handed down the percussive and ritualistic style for ages and has now been picked up by the children of elders to finally be recorded to tape. Well whether or not that tale is doctrine or hokum, remains irrelevant; whatever their backgrounds, this group of Swedes has a lock on the percussive reigns of African polyrhythms as refracted through a 70's Swedish prog filter. World Music is an intense, fire fraught album that lies outside of the bounds of explanations. Its a pure gut thrust of chaotic drumming, charred soul solos and impassioned vocals that have a sense of soul to them that would certainly belie any Nordic heritage; Krautsmashed visions of psychedelia through the Nigerian funk doctrines of DMT travelers. There are very few in the new psych game that seem to be pulling it off with this much panache and attention to detail. So tell you what, we'll believe the cursed village back stories all they want as long as it results in an album that burns like this.

[MP3] Goat - Goathead

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Blogger darn said...

THIS is killer.

7:54 PM  
Anonymous clawthing said...

Mind just fried, must buy!

7:32 AM  

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