Flamin' Groovies - Teenage Head
The Flamin' Groovies were a longstanding cult band of the garage / power pop underground and their releases actually split along that axis in an early / late manner. Teenage Head is undoubtedly their pinnacle
and shows the debt they owed their Rolling Stones crush in full. The album is chock full of hip-thrust Jagger swagger and Beggar's Banquet-esque salt of the earth breakdowns and the surprising occasional foray into Beefheartian croakery that sets it all off nicely. Its albums like this that make you see why cult status could ever be achieved and its a damn shame this isn't in every 14-year old's collection along with Zeppelin fevered purchases, Stones shakers and Beatles requisites. Also for the love of all that's rock, someone please put this slab back on vinyl. Have some damn respect! Following the release of this, their third album, band leader Roy Loney would split, ushering in their second era of pop leaning hits under the helm of Cyril Jordan who's own classic was on the horizon a few years later in the form of Shake Some Action. Still, despite that later album and its vaunted position among power pop enthusiasts, this is the Groovies best moment and a rock hallmark that needs to be in your life more than you could ever know.

[MP3] Flamin' Groovies - Yesterday's Numbers

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