Expo 70

Early this year Justin Wright laid down a heavy piece of one-sided vinyl for the limited label Sound of Cobra. The two songs that came out of that session were dark, nebulous and even raga oriented pieces but the concentrated recording sessions that birthed those two tracks didn't stop there. Along with his three-piece recording unit, Wright delved deep into some embryonic space transmissions that seem to bounce shimmering vibes at a subatomic level. Those extended recording hours turned into Beguiled Entropy a full album's worth of psychedelic float that sees Expo 70 team up with the venerable Blackest Rainbow for a platter that's as engrossing as anything he's ever done and a step forward into heavier synth territory. The first side is anchored in his trademark float / drone vibrations but the flip amps up the sci-fi sonar with analog tones snaking between the toasted ozone drones and heavy breathing rhythms. Throw in a mastering job from doom lord James Plotkin and it’s a damn fine offering from one of the slow pace masters.

[MP3] Expo 70 - Sunseekers (Out Of Diminished Light)

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