Evening Meetings

Chances are if a band has a connection to A Frames, its a good bet they're worth checking out. Holds true for The Intelligence, Factums, AFCGT and it definitely rings true for Evening Meetings’ full length on Sweet Rot. The LP pulls from the same gritty post punk bowels that A Frames and much of the rest of that lot wade in but ends up aligning itself nicely with some of the more caustic Aussie fare, a la Slug Guts and Kitchen's Floor. The vibe is rust plated and ready to grind down the dust and on repeated listens there are more than a few gems lurking in the murk on this one. Slung low guitar jams a plenty and mind you Sweet Rot doesn't just go putting out long players everyday so when they commit to the full twelve inches you better sit up and take notice. Guaranteed to make your turntable howl.

[MP3] Evening Meetings - Merry Go Round

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Blogger Movies on my Mind said...

Mate, what a sound. Just heard it on bbc RADIO. Wicked blog, by the way.

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