Donovan Quinn & Michael James Tapscott

There's been a longtime coming since the last Skygreen Leopards album but Donovan Quinn has made no waste of his downtime, with several solo albums under his belt in that gap, including this year's delightful Honky Tonk Medusa. Now teaming up with another psych-folk luminary (ok luminary to us) Quinn crafts a spaced and lilting bit of fog-folk with Michael James Tapscott of Odawas. Tapscott himself is just off the cusp of an overlooked and eerily unsettling solo album and the two make for a perfectly woozy double shot for fall, Tapscott lilting like a haunted Neil Young and Quinn dreamily echoing tales of Marlene Dietrich through his quilted meadows of strum and sway. The tales are tattered and weary in a way that feels so honest it’s uplifting. Their songs sink in like worn couches, arms rubbed bare and finish cracked but oddly comfortable from an era's worth of travelers taking rest.

[MP3] Donovan Quinn & Michael James Tapscott - OTW Marlene

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I haven't heard this one yet but I'm quite fond of the album released by Tapscott earlier this year, 'Good Morning Africa'

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