Boomgates have been brewing, stewing and strumming in an extended down under jam session that occasionally spouted singles from time to time, only leading on to what was forming in cracks of those Melbourne couches. The band, which includes members of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Dick Diver and The Twerps, is a true band in its own right and not just an amassed lark of those day jobs in tow. Brendan Huntley (aka Brendan Suppression) tempers his erratic fire into a jangled smolder of impassioned squawk and its only emboldened by the strident coos of Steph Hughes when the two twine those vocal chords, but the real stars here are the songs themselves; jangled and breezy and gnarled in weeds. They are the epitome of the Aussie lineage that all the members are undoubtedly indebted to and it sounds every bit the treasured early 80's crate dusted find. Most importantly the album feels like the players are truly enjoying the process as much as the product and that comes through the grooves and sways out the speakers like an old friend. Definitely one that was worth the wait.


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