Andy Human

Andy Jordan's been cutting tracks under the name Andy Human for a couple of years now. His single "Toy Man" caught ears around here and led to a following interest in Jordan's newer band Lenz. Both trade in a new wave slide that's heavy on hooks and his second album under the Human tag has no shortage in that department, though they’re corroded under a wobble of weird that makes the candy coating delightfully astringent. In the past Andy Human tended to lean further into the synth pop end of the spectrum rather than Lenz' guitar crack, but his second album seems to be taking a lesson in guitar snarl this time around. Its full of jagged riffs, synth splatter and even the occasional 60's organ whorl all anchored by Jordan's vocal swagger cut through a hi-fi junk food filter. Its a child of the 80's album in the best regards digesting Devo and Gary Numan through a faded VHS glam punk hangover and knocking the results crisply out of stacked speakers. Chewed vinyl punk in cheap plastic sunglasses, hi-tops and a litter of band pins - in other words a pretty fun couple of sides.


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