Altar Eagle

Back in 2012 Brad Rose and Eden Hemming Rose broke out of their noise laden mold of Corsican Paintbrush and various other projects, that included heading up Digitalis and its sister magazine Foxy Digitalis, to dive headfirst into dream pop and synth impulses in the form of Altar Eagle. The result was nothing short of a shimmering record that seemed to momentarily freeze any noise they'd made in a block of pink, gauzy ice and suspend itself in glycerin threads of sythpop. Well, two years later the duo has only strengthened those impulses and the result, Nightrunners, is on par with the year's best shimmering froth from those who'd dare step into the dream pop ring. The album swims heavy in the deep end of the early 4AD pool and, while in the interim since their last work synthpop has had new life breathed into its ethereal folds, its easy to see how Altar Eagle were some of the first to herald its return. Here they prove that a dedicated knowledge of form beats the most prolific newcomers hands down.

The whole album has gotten the remix treatment, with mixes coming in from SKRSINTERNATIONAL, Paco Sala, Ricardo Donoso, newcomers Svamps and more! The remixes will appear on the b-side of a tape version out on Crash Symbols and eventually will turn up digitally as well.


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