White Wires

White Wires have always had a handle on the crunch and swagger of garage and a fine handle on jagged bits of punk but they've never shown through their power pop hearts with as much finesse and style as their latest album WWIII. Its predecessor and the debut had punch but this one's tapped into a legacy that stretches from The Records through Canadian punk heroes Teenage Head with stops off in Shivvers territory. Its their most melodic, which I'm sure some garage cranks would call a sad commercial departure but that melodic edge gives them the most infectious, danceable, blue-eyed thumper of their career. They barely slow down long enough to let the crisp guitar chunks and mic-bent vocal whorls wash over the listener. It requires multiple listens to let this one settle into your bones but once its there, the album catches hold tight. Your turntable bekons and aches for a night with White Wires' latest.

[MP3] White Wires - Down On My Own

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