The UFO Club

The collaboration between The Black Angels’ Christian Bland and Night Beats’ Lee Blackwell that resulted in a limited and rapidly sold out 10" has now spawned a proper full length and its every bit the album you'd expect from the crossed paths of the two collaborators under homage to a club from London's psychedelic 60's. Leaning on much of that era's reverb drenched, hazy-eyed swagger the album stomps and shifts between enough garage-soul, higher consciousness drifting to make most psych nuts immediately place this in the purchase bin. Though there are a few missteps, which include a back to back double shot of a cover of The Ronnettes' "Be My Baby" (sorry kids Dirty Dancing will forever make me grit my teeth when this comes on, no matter who's playing it) and a Bo Diddly retread that could have been better left to the b-sides, its a pretty great romp, and for fans of either or both band, the grease on hot pavement approach is a thing of beauty. Like the 10" this comes via Austin Psych Fest's in house label and thus garners the seal of approval from that vaunted enterprise. Multiple fun vinyl packages await so get to it.

[MP3] The UFO Club - July

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