The Sufis

There seem to be a rash of bands stuck cleanly in Pink Floyd's Piper period and the ensuing Syd solo fallout that immediately followed. Slotting themselves in neatly between The Paperhead's studied recreations and White Fence's psychedelic on a shoestring aesthetic come The Sufis trying out their most ardent backward trills and liquid vocal filters and generally enjoying the finest moves '67 had to offer. Coming on a split release between Burger and the Cornershop's Ample Play Records in the UK, the album, while not necessarily the most outwardly original vantage, is nonetheless a haven for psychedelic pop miners young and old and the musicianship is excellently top notch. The moves are solid and the dedication clearly in tact and if you're as huge a fan of lost gems from the bygone era like we are then this should be a fairly easy pickup. Its a Nugget dropped from a closer vantage but if you close your eyes its just the same.


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