The LimiƱanas

Our favorite French garage rockers return, with a heavy dose of cool stamped all over their sophomore release, Crystal Anis. This one puts them right back in HoZac's hands where our obsession began. Noir as ever, the band adds a disaffected charm to no frills jangle, fuzz and the slow clank of percussion without haste. They haven't really shaken the formula but hell, when the formula's already spot on who cares? Black leather and Beatle boots in the sweltering sun kinda cool all wrapped in a subtle hip swing that would make the most strident among you swoon. A few familiar faces crop up among the tracks including both sides of recent single smasher "AF3458" and a seemingly extraneous instrumental version of their HoZac rocker "I'm Dead" but the new installments are pure LimiƱanas and they slink low and sink into the sun like we've been needing all summer. Pick this one up, you'll regret it if you don't. That's a promise.


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