The Fresh & Onlys

This album feels like a long time coming. Not that the pace at which The Fresh & Onlys record is slow, in fact its somewhat furious, but this feels like the most distilled version of F&O's sound yet. It bears all the hallmarks that have made them great; minor key heartbreak, layered strums and plenty of winding hooks from Tim Cohen. Maybe its the influence of guitarist Wymond Miles 80's veined solo work or maybe Phil Manley's production just finally gelled everything, but the band's R.E.M/Morrisey/Echo axis has come together in a way that seems perfect. Long Slow Dance is the record this band has been looking to make for the last four albums and countless interstitial EPs. It’s glossy and ragged in all the right places. Its had its heart broken and sobered up alone. As long as I've been listening to the band evolve, its nice to see them find themselves and refine that voice that's always been swimming in the din.


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