Six Organs of Admittance

You know, it’s been a while since a Six Organs of Admittance album appeared here. Not for lack of trying, it’s just that the last few have felt like retreading the path that is Six Organs. Quality work for sure but not necessarily the albums that made a man jump to the keys and knock out a call to arms to pick it up. Well forget the intervening years because Chasney’s found his thunder again and somehow it comes as no surprise that he's found it through reuniting with a few old contacts from Comets on Fire. Ascent starts out with the declarative, incendiary flames of "Waswasa" and never lets up from there. This is no haunted ghost of psych-folk, this is Chasney running his Jansch picking through a butane torch and letting it sizzle. Even when the flames don't lap, the record smolders and that's, perhaps, what was missing from the last couple. Well congratulations Ben, you gotcha smolder back and this is damn well one of the countless reasons to be excited for music in 2012.

[MP3] Six Organs of Admittance - Waswasa

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