Digitalis has covered a lot of territory in the years I've known them but this is the first dip into the dub pool that comes to memory, though The Call From Below is by no means a traditional take on the dub template. It grinds the dark, blurred edges of the dub plate universe into a film grain resin of nighttime echoes. Its a haunted record that crosses into the destroyed techno aspects and ambient noise resonances that lie beneath the surface of dub, rather than bending dub to a psychedelic will, like some contemporaries. SKRS manage to pull off an album that feels reverential without being overly derivative of the past masters they obviously take inspiration from, steamrolling a Burial level of degraded film and bass through the Channel One waiting room. Perfect timing to line this one up with the sweltering depths of August. Limited like all Digitalis platters so be quick!


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