Panabrite arrives as the latest offering from the carefully curated and woefully limited Preservation Records (Deep Magic, Area C, Fabio Orsi, Sparlkling Wide Pressure). As equally enchanting as his early 2012 release on Digitalis, Norm Chambers continues to find a way to make the artificial pastoral. His synth journeys burble and hum but underneath the soft glow of electric lights there's the imperceptible rustle of wings, the light touch of breeze. If there's a musician out there who's creating the musical equivalent of delicately crafted, dystopian clockwork dioramas, it’s Chambers. His visions feel the line between nature and technology break down buzzing softly as the coexisting hum of a colony of wasps built into a nest on high tension wires. The album's subtle punch is slow to strike but by the end it’s completely apparent that Chambers is among the masters of the new synth class.


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