Gravys Drop

Despite the name, there's no connection here to Gravy Train or even Hunx for that matter. Gravys Drop is the alias of Billy Grave who knocks out some rock chords with Nobunny and Rock N Roll Adventure Kids. Stripped down but never naked rockers with a shakin' swagger that puts him cleanly in the Nobunny camp with a gritty, even rootsier feel. And while Grave may not have the larger than life persona of the Bunny, he's got the love and dedication to pull out a guitar pumpin' cassette without pulling any punches. Its best left with the volume on high, the windows open and the neighbors yelling protests. There are plenty of past reaching touchstones to throw at this one but none that should surprise the garage slurpin' set (see: Stones, Rocky Erickson). This is dirty rock n roll for those who like it just that way. Limited tapes as usual for the Burger and quality as always. Recommended that you pop one on the spools and pick up a few beers to make it an afternoon.

[MP3] Gravys Drop - Secret Stash

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