Fabulous Diamonds

Aussie soundcrafters Fabulous Diamonds have thickened their sonic soup with bilious clouds of doom dusted throb and a stark-throated vocal approach that feels little if not apocalyptic. Many of the hallmarks of their past two releases remain; the motorik throb, the sine wave keys, but here it all feels much heavier and for the most part much more substantial. Hell this one even has track titles, they must be knuckling down on something serious to put a name on the dread, and there's plenty of dread. Somehow Commercial Music ends up feeling like the Peaking Lights album I was waiting for all year. Instead of plastic dub and baby samples, Fabulous Diamonds bring the thunder of drums and the dark creeping panic of grey thatched skies filled with swarming birds. Its not anywhere near the crowd pleaser the title would imply but its a damn fine piece of doom-psych if I've heard one this year.


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