Deep Magic

Many may know Alex Gray as a member of Sun Araw but his solo work under the name Deep Magic has taken a life of its own in the past couple of years. His third album proper, Closed Eyes is an immersive, album that jars like deep sea vertigo. Full sail synth tones waver and clash, wash and stutter before melting away in a froth of piano or a clatter of chimes. Terrestrial sonic landforms raise and flourish and are swept away in a memory fog of clangs and plunks that feel all too real and render the engrossing synthforms a hazed recollection that lingers sweetly on the tongue; a waking dream or perhaps just a false remembrance that seems difficult to shake. Gray has a talent for pulling the listener in and out of this dream state and subsequent consciousnesses before lobbing the album off the precipice entirely into the blissful twelve-minute closer "Dark Retreat" that feels like the release that finally melts you to the pavement.

[MP3] Deep Magic - Motionless

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