Cottonwood - Camaraderie
Within the ranks of the re-released pages there are a lot of hard luck stories, missed chances and bad decisions but for Cottonwood they barely got off the ground before tragedy struck them down. The band, comprised of Gary Rowles (of
Love) and prominent 60's equipment designer Dave Weyer, was cut short in their run for recognition when their singer died of an overdose on the day it was released. Sadly they dispersed soon afterward, unable to recover from the loss. The album has plenty of charm though, walking the common 70's lines of country-rock and folk with a sad-eyed vein running throughout. The musicianship is every bit the caliber you'd expect from players that Rowles would surround himself with and sadly it seems that praise will only come in hindsight (and well it should) as this reissue on Kismet resurrects the album from its untimely grave.

[MP3] Cottonwood - Passing Through

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