Parquet Courts

Despite residing in New York, I don't always go nuts for a ton of NYC bands, or at least they're usually fewer and farther between than one would expect. There's plenty to love around here to be sure though and lately Parquet Courts have perked ears at RSTB. Corralling the loose, cathartic proto-punk aesthetics of some Aussie favorites like Eddy Current Suppression Ring and running them through the rubbery bass spasms of post-punkers like The Fall or Wire, the band has a DIY spirit matched with a grin and grit that begs for sweaty warehouse pummeling and late night cigarette breaks. Couple that energy with a millennial slacker lyric hangover that feels weather worn before its time but decidedly indicative of their bodega hopping Brooklyn surroundings. Their last cassette went largely unheralded but look for the new LP, Light Up Gold to make a few more waves when its release in August by Dull Tools.

[MP3] Parquet Courts - Borrowed Time

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