We here at RSTB are always fans of pushing the physical envelope, from vinyl to tapes its fun to have something to spin the spools or knock the needle onto. San Diego's Bleeding gold has taken the to have an to hold aesthetic up a notch with 6.7" plexiglass lathe cut for their latest signing Flowers. Unfortunately the laborious process meant the run was a scant 30 that's just run out prior to this post but the music's still available digitally. The trio mixes the ramshackle sonics of Young Marble Giants and Las Malas Amistades with wide-eyed ambitions of 80's girl groups like The Primitives and Shop Assistants. Its a charming first shot from a band that with time could nudge up the fidelity and twist a few ears with their sunny swing. Pick up the digital below or hit eBay quick to snap up one of those coveted physical lathe cuts.


Support the artist. Buy it: HERE
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