Magic Trick

Tim Cohen's expanded his solo endeavors to a proper band, adopting his 2011 album Magic Trick as a name for the cadre of players that have backed these songs up live. Following an expansive, four-track full length from last year that pushed the stylistic boundaries and track lengths into the 12-minute range, he's back to digestible song size and a gorgeous mix of whimsical moodiness stark pop sensibility. Cohen's always taken the road of the poet troubadour, but with Fresh &; Onlys the lyricism is masked behind a grittier sense of pop. His solo/Magic Trick self seems more raw and open, more clouded in dreams and the fuller group sound has brought out some of the best work of his homespun persona. Hardly Art seems to be on a tear this year and this one is another great entry into their canon.

[MP3] Magic Trick - Torture

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