Well plenty around have taken their stab at the latest from Liars but being a longtime fan there's never a bad reason to tell people to pick up a release from that camp. WIXIW strips back much of the guitar laced aggression that marked their last two releases and while we around here definitely enjoyed the band's return to their upfront ferocity, its interesting to see them lay into the warm electronic slipstream that crackles through WIXIW's wires. Still dystopic as hell, but feeling like the quite resistance of ghosts in the machine rather than the cracked riot helmet assaults that marked the dismayed cries on the previous two. Say what you will but the band never stands still and while the synth pop strains that eke through are a far cry from ragged witch-trial noise, its still the same perturbed heart at the core of the beast. I believe Fred Williamson once said it best, "Don't let the smooth taste fool ya." This one still packs a punch.


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