Golden Retriever

After a couple of promising releases on NNA Tapes and Root Strata, labels whose rosters work as litmus tests of their own, Jonathan Sielaff's and Matt Carlson make the jump to Thrill Jockey for their most ambitious album yet. The duo have often been known for their sythscape via free jazz approach to drone-out tactics, garnering more than a few comparisons to Emeralds and Oneohtrix, but the duo also wrangle in a large swath of the German Progressive lineage and siphon it through the frayed wires of Keith Fullerton Whitman's tonal entropy. Here they cut dense chunks from pieces whose original lengths exceed the thirty-minute mark, and once trimmed to just below the ten notch, fume and writhe in their constrained quarters. Its amazing how the root sources of analog synthesizer and bass clarinet can quickly transform their output to that of trapped communications from otherworldly caverns. Occupied with the Unspoken taps the lysergic plane and runs it through your veins in unpredictable pulses; a true elevator of an album.

Check out the video for "Serene Velocity" below (co-premiere with No Fear of Pop)

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