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I feel remiss that somehow The Electric Prunes have never shown up in this column, but alas its true. The band, most known for their first album and its hit single "I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)," ventured away from as much outside influence on their
sophomore LP. The results were less hit singles, but a more cohesive sound and still some pretty raucous garage-psych. The album let the band stretch their chops and grow but alas perhaps it was too much for the powers that be as it would be the last that the Prunes would make as a band. Though the name would live on, but with the core members replaced by studio musicians and the force of the band stretching into over-indulgent quasi-religious disasters like Mass in F Minor. Still, you get the sense that the band was having fun while it lasted. Check out some awesomely dated video of the boys below in full on psychedelic garb that includes a cape and a top hat, not to mention a freakout solo. Necessary viewing!

[MP3] The Electric Prunes - The Great Banana Hoax

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent band.
I follow this post religiously every week and have been for a while, and I love all of it. Keep it going man!

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