Eddie Callahan - False Ego
Last week we were espousing the tradition of loner-psych, a niche that found more than fair share in the private press world of record collector lore. While there are a lot of oddball, loner psych records not all of them are as charmingly odd
as Eddie Callahan. Sure JT IV and Bobb Trimble are skewed with pop charm on the side and Carl Simmons is infinitely weirder, but Callahan had a way of mixing swirly psych with a chewy pop center that made for a sweet combination. Slathered in effects and at times showing the true nature of a man left with too many choices and the ability to multi-track, the album plays on genre conventions that float into incongruous territory like the boogie blues of the tin-pan "Shake Your Woogie". However, in amongst the fluff and four-track are moments of true fractured beauty. The album pushes out of its psychedelic indulgences and hits moments that feel very much in line with lush era classics like Chris Bell's I Am The Cosmos. Time-Lag has spent considerable effort to make this a testament to the lost classic that it is and its a welcome return to vinyl.

[MP3] Eddie Callahan - Just Across The Line

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