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Well we'd be remiss in our coverage of Ty Segall if we didn't bring his latest chunk of fuzz to your attention. Following incredibly close on the heels of the White Fence collaboration album, Slaughterhouse sees Segall take his touring band into the studio to focus on intensity and volume and that's exactly what's come out as a result. Probably the closest recording to capture the feeling of seeing Ty live, and while it shaves a few of the sharper pop edges off his work, it makes for a damn fun listen. Those of you not in the NY area may have lamented not seeing the huge Ty/White Fence/Strange Boys/The Men show that went down last week and we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but you did miss out on a hell of a show. All the bands, but especially the double shot of headliners brought back some of that spark of how fun it is to see a full on rock show. Not the spectacle of sets and pomp and grandiosity of the 80's that seems to have worked its way into live pop acts lately but the full bore 90's hit of rock that's cathartic and pared down and completely untethered. Slaughterhouse feels much like that show. Its an album made by an artist who seems to love that sense of excitement that accompanies performances like that. It embodies the soul of someone who's aware of how much fun their job is and is intent on sharing that experience with, you, the listener. It doesn't hurt either that the members of the Ty Segall Band are accomplished enough to bring that exuberance to life on record and on stage each and every night.

[MP3] Ty Segall Band - Wave Goodbye

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