Terry Manning - Home Sweet Home
Terry Manning's little heard solo album gets a proper reissue from the wizards over at 4 Men With Beards. The album, which started as a bit of a studio inside joke when Manning, the engineer for
Stax at the time, recorded an over the top psych version of their song "Choo Choo Train" that proved to be a hit with the label. Manning was requested to record a whole album in the same over-indulgent psychedelic style. Manning was up to the challenge and created an album that portrayed the 60's excess with a sense of humor, but also the technical process to pull it off. The results are a postcard from a studio whiz to the world and while its on the edge of camp its also a fun one to slot into mixtapes and the occasional 60's dance party. The album does a good job to taking stabs at The Beatles, Box Tops, Jerry Lee Lewis vamped up rockers and the growing trend of psychedelic blues rave-ups. Sounds as good as ever in this new vinyl incarnation, making it more than just a curio, but somewhere less than a necessity. Any 60's collector would do well to have this on their shelf and Big Star aficionados can drop in as well since the album marks the first studio appearance of Chris Bell on guitar.

[MP3] Terry Manning - Talk Talk

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