Suum Cuique

Demdike Stare's Miles Whittaker brings his second solo offering in the form of Suum Cuique's Ascetic Ideals. The album was created in an entirely analog, mostly one pass manner and its a startlingly brittle work that wraps downtempo fluctuations in a bath of static and hiss. Its easy to see how Whittaker's solo work meshes with his nightmarish visions as part of Demdike but the album pulses with a fractured heartbeat that's entirely its own. Shifting from laboratory ambient squalls to a shuffling, abstract dance; the album is a stark vortex of almost nihilistic proportions. It feels as empty and uncompromising as the cracked pavement and rusted gutters one minute and then oddly, mechanically alive the next. It's just as nightmarish as any of his other works but the open space leaves the listener to fill in the fevered, soul-clenching antagonist themselves. A record best left to the early hours of the morning and the dark recesses of the mind.


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