Joesph Raglani came to more widespread attention a few years ago when he released Of Sirens Born on Kranky. That album, wrapping itself in Kosmiche tones and stuttered rhythms was only a part of the story. Prior to its release Raglani had littered tapes and CD-rs across labels like his own Pegasus Farms, IDES, Arbor and Gameboy and each was a small document to his devotion to the history of electronics in music. Now Arbor has rounded up an essential overview of these years with Husk a masterfully cohesive collection of pieces from those disparate releases. The collection foams and seethes with bristled tones and proves just how accomplished Raglani's catalog is, especially in light of so many artists who've made similar strides in the analog kingdom while his work has been left overshadowed due to its own limited nature. Adding to the deal and sweetening the pot all the further is artwork by Robert Beatty whose done outstanding pieces for Wooden Wand, Peaking Lights, Real Estate, Ga'an and Gary War.

[MP3] Raglani - Lissa Says

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