Padang Food Tigers

The sorely ovelooked group Rameses III has evolved into a duo (Stephen Lewis and Spencer Grady) and been rechristened Padang Food Tigers; but though the name has changed, the pair's love for naturalistic folk and the bustling pang of nostalgia has held firm. The new setup does strip away some of the drone that buzzed in the background of Rameses' work but that void has been filled all too well by the wistful chirp of field recordings that open the album up like endless expanses of rolling farmland. Shuffling crowds meet the cries of bright summer birds and the solemn and serene pluck of guitars filtered through the green hued light of sun through the trees. Its a beautiful album that can't help but conjure the feelings of lying on one's picking shapes from the clouds, but like the clouds rolling through the sky, its soaked in the knowing passage of time. For all the carefree songs, there are some that feel equally bittersweet. Where some are rooted in youth, others are rooted in a sudden feeling that those days are gone, never to return. Those moments knot in the stomach but they don't dwell too deep. Lewis and Grady want to remind you that those days were wonderful and sweet smelling and seemed to stretch forever. So, even when the sounds of rain (quite literal rain, indeed) and mournful piano begin to pile on, they're soon washed away by a cherubic laugh and the gentle pluck of resolve.

[MP3] Padang Food Tigers - In My Heart I'm Already Gone

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