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We've already shared one taste but the sum is greater than its parts because Horizon Fires, the new album from Nice Face, is another salt coated laceration of the soul. Just as fierce as his Sacred Bones debut, the new album is all chewed glass and sinew, acrid as hell and leaving no room for mercy. Still full of the chaotic clatter of drums, strangled guitar fits and keyboards that seem abused to the point of submission; we'd be lying if we said this wasn't one of our most anticipated of the year and it lives up to every expectation. There's a steely reserve under the surface of menace this time as well, a darkness that makes all of the caustic contortions even more sinister. This takes shape as a handful of slow burn psych nuggets that feel like they're ready to explode, though they never quite reach the tipping point, making them all the more dangerous (as exemplified by the already debuted track "Shaman"). Still, when they boil over, Nice Face is at their biting best and its that frothing, cathartic explosion that gets us every time.

[MP3] Nice Face - You're So Dramatic

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