Grass Widow

Grass Widow charmed us from the outset. Their debut album for Make a Mess was a gnarled, propulsive record tempered by the silky punch of the three shared vocalists' honeyed coos. It was the kind of debut that felt instantly part of the musical lexicon, somehow classic and fresh on equal levels. On their latest, Internal Logic, the ladies are doing things for themselves; having started their own HLR imprint and self-releasing this LP after a string of anticipatory singles. The album picks up where their Kill Rock Stars sophomore stint left off and it’s knotted in the same post-punk push-pull of throb and strum that has come to epitomize their recordings. Those honeyed vocals are still in for the ride as well, and the trio harmonizes so perfectly it’s easy to get swept away in the sunshine state of mind that seems to blow in their wake. Internal Logic feels stronger and more confident than its predecessor, both more accessible and more complex but as with all Grass Widow albums it’s the effortless breeziness about it that makes it so enticing. The album is available below from HLR and we highly recommend picking it up.


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