Fergus & Geronimo

Fergus & Geronimo have proved nothing if not surprising. After a run of garage-inflected singles they put together Unlearn, an album laden with equal parts psych-pop coating and blue-eyed soul. It seems only natural that the band should subvert a few expectations on their sophomore LP but what's funny about the duo is that they seem fairly content to throw out any expectations and to confidently switch the scheme altogether. Funky Was the State of Affairs displaces the touchstones of garage and soul and takes stabs directly into the heart of 70's punk and early 80's post-punk with a flair for James Chance sax breaks and a post-modern, technological hangover concept holding the edges together (complete with alien/sci-fi spoken word vignettes). Its a nice left turn for a band that's constantly on the move and we whole-heartedly applaud their affirmations and intentions to make an "album" in an age when the sum isn't always the goal of the parts.

[MP3] Fergus & Geronimo - Roman Tick

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