Veronica Falls – My Heart Beats 7"
Fer cryin' out loud, Veronica Falls craft such perfect pop its almost unbelievable. The band's initial singles peaked our ears, the album blew us away and cemented them forever in our hearts, while that covers EP shed a little light on their
influences and made them shine bright for a new age. Now the group is back with a new single and two new tracks, both are stunners. The A-side is an unstoppable torrent of melody with guitars lit up in vibrant pinks and purples and voices harmonizing in perfect proportions. Its as if Phil Spector took a day leave to crank his famous wall one more time for these amazing Brits. The flip slows things down, but despite the slower tempos nothing really cools off. It’s a slow burn of beautiful, shimmering pop that aches to the very last groove. I don't mean to gush but its hard not to swoon a little bit at such heartfelt recordings. I'm hoping these aren't just a slip stopgap and there's a new album on the way but even so these two will last us a while.


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