Cozy – Cola Shock Kids 7"
2011 into 2012 is so full of vamped up, hip swaggin' power pop rolled in glam crystals its ridiculous and adding to the party is this latest HoZac chestnut from Cozy. The band stomps and claps through the spirited A-side, a decidedly raucous
bit of rock candy that's driving down lanes once populated by The Sweet and The Paul Collins Beat. On the flip they cool things considerably with a mellow, saccharine swinger that wades into Milk n' Cookies and The Quick territory that seems more innocent than possible in this current age. The band play the part of the 70's sweethearts visually, appearing in matching denim coupled with a write up that brings to mind the over exuberant back covers of yore tacked up on the HoZac site. The A-side hasn't left our Power Pop Playlist and it’s a great start for the band. Here's hoping for an album that matches the energy delivered on the debut.


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