Barış Manço - 2023
Often considered one of Manço's masterpieces, 2023 is a concept album whose themes of peace show up in his later works on songs "2024" and "2025". The album makes a strong case for the fusion of Turkish traditional music with American
and European rock influences. Manço traveled to Belgium to study in his late teens and there he picked up much of the rock influence that would seep into his solo works. The charismatic performer was a favorite in his home country for spreading messages of peace in turbulent times and this album offers much of the same, while seamlessly folding in influences of funk and early electronics via spacey drum machines and synthesizers. Its easy to see why the epic is often considered his best and longest lasting release as it crosses borders to become more than just a "world" music oddity. Its a startlingly progressive album that feels as interesting today as it must have on release. In the 80's Manço became more political in his songwriting, calling for peace following a military coup, and rose to become one of his country's foremost musicians. He would later transition into television, but always remained a force for peace and understanding in his country up until his death.

[MP3] Barış Manço - 2023

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