U.V. PØP - No Songs Tomorrow
U.V. PØP was the creation of John K. White, who fashioned the moniker as a solo project in between bands but ended up turning out his best work under the name. The first single was produced by Caberet Voltaire and
caught the attention of John Peel, garnering them even more acclaim in his native UK. They went on to open for Pulp and Culture Club in their infancy and fleshed out their bleak goth-pop into a sound that split the expanse between The Cure and Joy Division without quite touching on the intangible greatness of either. This album, reissued and fleshed out by Sacred Bones shows the band in their most sparse incarnation and its easy to see why the label should have an affinity for someone who served as a precursor to the sound that many of the labels current bedroom curtain pullers have created. White built up a proper band to issue a follow-up and then disappeared for a few decades until recently when the SB crew has coaxed them out of hiding and onto some reunion dates. It’s a rather interesting footnote of a record and even more so noting that it charted for about a week in the UK around the time of its debut, but for now it’s resurrected for a whole new generation of dour dreamers to obsess over.

[MP3] U.V. PØP - Portrait (Extended)

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