Troy Schafer

Troy Schafer isn't primarily known for his stirring compositions. The Wisconsin artist is primarily known around these parts for his contributions to Burial Hex and the more experimental Second Family Band. However, on his solo album Evening Song Awaken Schafer's classical chops are thrust to the forefront and it’s a wonder they haven't come to the surface sooner. A raw nerve cycle of tension and beauty, the record fits in nicely with some of the discomfiting composition work prone to the Miasmah label or to some of Type's moodier classmen like Deaf Center. The album teems with emotion and its both starkly beautiful and bittersweet in its execution, feeling every bit the soundtrack without a film that seems so prominent in the neo-classical niche these days. Whatever the film that's playing in Schafer's head chances are its full of grey clouded fields, long tracking runs of rain dampened stone streets and a balance of life and death held tight in the characters' hands. Those looking for a new accompaniment to rainy days would be well advised to seek this out, and soon as Recital has run it in an edition of 200.

[MP3] Troy Schafer - The Desire Towards Joy: Cycle I

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